White Week Chile - Recommendations



  • Students will be met by school teachers, who will have the responsibility and authority over all activities.
  • At all times, students must attend and observe the instructions of the teachers responsible for the program and the instructions given by the instructors of the ski school. This will maintain the indispensable order avoid situations of risk or insecurity for all.
  • Students take academic work sheets that must be carried out in the study hours. This work will be reviewed by the teachers responsible and corrected by the teachers of each subject to their return, who will evaluate the results and incorporate regular grades.
  • Must respect the schedule of activities trying to be always on time. It is important to respect the times established for the benefit of the whole group.
  • It is not allowed to leave the hotel without permission from teachers.Snow, in certain weather conditions, difficult orientation and easy to miss.
  • In the room must remain only long enough to change, wash and sleep.
  • It is mandatory to implement the hours of rest.
  • Disorder in the hotel, can only generate discomfort. Avoid shouting, racing, inappropriate games, phone calls out the correct time, etc.
  • Correction should always be shown in dealing with all the people who will live in those days. Each student is representing himself, his teammates, the College and his family.
  • Students who need special care (taking medications, nebulizers, etc.) must deliver the same to the teachers responsible, with a note with your full name and class, explaining application and necessary medical recommendations. Such notice must be signed by parents specifically authorizing the College for its implementation.